Playing More Tourneys

Current Bankroll: $0.25 - 2.8M Play Chips

I've decided to start playing more of the play chip tournaments at Full Tilt Poker to get more tournament practice. I'd stopped playing them since the largest buy-in for the SNGs is 10K with a 1st place prize of 292K which is pretty insignificant considering I can make that much more easily at the 1K/2K tables. But I think my lack of tournament play lately has left my tournament skills a bit dull. I played in a few of the 10K play chip tourneys tonight and was actually quite surprised at how poorly I did. I did cash in 2 out of 7, but it felt a lot worse than that. My ROI was almost 120% though so it couldn't have been too bad.

I'll keep playing these whenever I have the time to keep my tournament skills sharp so that I am ready for the 500K Play Chip $40 Freeroll and the $1 real money tournaments on the other side. Even if I can make a much higher hourly profit at the 1K/2K cash game tables, I think the tournament practice should do me good.

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