Another Quick Defeat

Current Bankroll: $0 - 300K Play Chips

For low buy-in tournaments Full Tilt only has two options. Either the $2 + $0.25 180-Player multi-table tournaments or the nightly $1 Chris Ferguson Tournament. The latter sounds like the logical choice for someone trying to build up a small bankroll with the least amount of risk, but I decided to take a shot at the $2 tourney instead because I would be able to play 4 of them back-to-back as opposed to having to wait an entire day between tournaments with the Chris Ferguson even though it would have given me more than double the opportunities. In the past I've had trouble adjusting to the different styles of play at the different limits and especially when moving from the play money tables to the real money ones.

Thinking back on it now, I don't think the opportunity to play several tournaments back-to-back justified lowering my margin of error. In fact I think that playing several back-to-back actually hurt me because I found myself starting to fall back into the lack-of-patience that has been hurting me at the play chip tables lately.

I played really well in the first one before starting to bleed chips away as we neared the money, just not being able to hit anything. Then I lost my first double-up attempt and busted out in 30th of 180 (top 18 cashed). After that I found myself pushing way too soon and busted out in worse than 100th in the next three tourneys quickly zeroing out my bankroll once again.

From here on out I'm going to stick it out and only play one $1 Chris Ferguson tournament a day (as there is only one a day) whenever I get back in the money. While I'm going to have to focus on getting used to the style of play each time, I think that will actually play into my strategy of patience well as it will force me to be even more patient at the beginning of each tournament so that I can gauge the tables better. Hopefully by focusing on one tournament a day I will be able to take it more seriously as well and that will enable me to really focus on my game and my strategies.


  1. Game101 said...
    Interesting blog. I would lkie to see you do it... $0 - $20k. I
    currently play small stakes mtts and mtt sngs on stars, check out my blog

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    EvertonYorkie said...
    Cmon where have these updates gone! One of my fave blogs, been boring without it to read, lol.
    Anonymous said...
    Perhaps you should consider trying some low-limit ($1-2)SnGs. They might be easier to cash in.
    charlie said...
    Hey I'm doing a Ferguson too! I like your graph - can you show me how you made it? Can you send it to me?
    Anonymous said...
    Deposit $50 and play 10 tourneys/SNG's a day. Avoid turbos, you'll have a higher ROI at the regular games. You're wasting your time with play money.
    Pud's Poker said...
    You should really consider playing the lowest stakes HUSnG mate,they are super soft and you only have to win 3 in 5 to show a profit.

    Have a think if you want to change your challenge to $20-$20k and I'll consider shipping you the $20 to get you on the right path.
    Anonymous said...
    Haha looks like you gave the fuck up, quitter.

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