Current Bankroll: $2 - 133K Play Chips

Just going over the rules again to determine exactly where the changes in buy-ins take place in regards to bankroll.

The goal is to hit 2M play chips so I can start buying into the 500K $40 Play Chip daily freeroll.

Rule #2 states: "Only buy-in to cash games for 1/5th or less of my total bankroll (buy-in is 100 times BB), and tournaments for %5 or less." This means I am stuck in the 2k tournaments until I hit 200k play chips and can start buying into the 10k tourneys. I can't start the 1k/2k cash games until I hit 1M play chips, so it looks like it's going to be all tournaments for a while since the next highest cash games are at the 100/200 level which just isn't worth it.

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