Back in Action

Current Bankroll: $2 - 155K Play Chips

I'm back in action at the play chip tables after nearly a year off for personal reasons. Just basically trying to get back in the swing of things in the 2K play chip tourneys. I actually picked up $2 in one of the 2700 player freerolls some time during the summer, but have driven my play chip bankroll dangerously low with some occasional unfocused play so it's probably going to be a little while until I build my play chip bankroll back up high enough to start cashing in on the 500K Play Chip Freeroll.

I'm back to the basics though and adhering strictly to the rules, so it should be a fun and edifying journey giving me plenty of time to practice moving up in stakes.

I've started using Twitter for micro-blogging, so if you want an even more in depth look at my thoughts at the tables, check me out at


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