The Hammer

I was in the middle of one of the $100 Freerolls over at Full Tilt when I started falling asleep and decided to hit the sack. So I pushed all in with the first hand that came up. Ended up taking down AKo with the Hammer 72o hitting a full house. I kind of feel bad for the guy, but then again what was he doing going all in preflop with 100*BB stack?


  1. Binner said...
    Nice hand mate! How did you finish up in the tourn, did you go on to place high...looks like 45k was a big stack. Keep going son.
    BurnleyMik said...
    OH that is so damned sweet!!

    Ship it!!

    I always knew the hammer was the nutz!
    Purus said...
    Yeah, it was nice, but I just couldn't stay awake for the rest of the tournament, so I ended up donating the chips right back in the next 10 minutes. Oh well, it was worth it just for all the "online poker is rigged" chatter it generated. I think I'm going to start playing the hammer more often just so I watch the table's reaction when I show it. :)

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