Looking into Limit

Ace Filled Dreams has decided to start playing more limit holdem instead of no limit. He has written up an interesting post detailing his reasons why, and it got me thinking that limit is really where I should be focusing my efforts for my small bankroll game on the cash side. While playing no-limit with only 20 times the BB is really tough to build up on, such a small stack is not nearly as disadvantaged in limit games because you are never going to have the option to push huge amounts in anyway so you are not losing anything by not holding the table maximum.

I haven't played much limit holdem, but I think I'm going to give it a go to see if it is a better way to maximize my odds of moving out of the short stack position without continually busting out again. I'll give it a shot tonight if all goes well in the 500K Play Chip $40 Freeroll at Full Tilt and see if I can come up with some good strategies to make it pay.


  1. BurnleyMik said...
    Just remember that LHE is a different animal!

    You are virtually ALWAYS priced in to chase the draws, i.e. flush and str8's, but be aware that the same is for your oppponents!

    Good Luck!
    Running with Spades said...
    Yeah I know, that's why I'm not so sure about it. I think I'll give it a shot tonight though and see where to take it from there. At this point I'm still just trying things out so it can't hurt.

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