No More $1 Tourneys

Current Bankroll: $6.90 - 1.7M Play Chips

Ok, so I lied. I actually had some time to play today before I had to leave for the weekend. Apparently Full Tilt has gotten rid of all the small buy-in SnGs other than one $2 180-player SnG. So I guess I'm going to have to scrape it out at the low limit cash tables instead. I played for a bit at a $.10/$.05 table and pulled out a nice $2.15 profit. Didn't run into any tough situations though and won every pot I made a stab at, so I don't know if I was getting lucky or I was just picking my situations right. Either way it's nice to be on the upswing. Hopefully I can continue to work my way up after I get back from the weekend.


  1. BurnleyMik said...
    Wow, why have full-tilt pulled the $1 games? I thought they would be very succesful.

    Is there a reason you play at FT, i.e. rakeback? if not then I am pretty sure Stars caters for the low-limit SnG players.

    otherwise, best of luck building the roll at the ring games!
    Purus said...
    Yeah, I can't figure it out either. The main reason I play at FT is because they are the only one with a nice Mac client. I'd love to check out Stars some time, but not until I get a new mac that can run windows too. Until then I think I'll stick it out at FT because I've been pretty happy there so far. We'll see how the cash games go though.

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